[Update] GoToWebinar integration

Recently, GoToWebinar changed their API and this has caused the GoToWebinar <-> Zaxaa integration to stop working. Following up on this issue, we have made an update on Zaxaa’s side so that you can continue to use GoToWebinar with Zaxaa.

You MUST update your GoToWebinar <-> Zaxaa integration as your existing connection will no longer work.

1/ Disconnect your current GoToWebinar <-> Zaxaa connection

Image 2019-03-12 at 2.36.17 PM
2/ Follow the instructions in this article to reconnect GoToWebinar <-> Zaxaa:

– How to integrate Zaxaa with GoToWebinar

If you have any questions about this update, please send us an email to: help@zaxaa.com

We’ll be happy to help! 🙂

Zaxaa Member Update – V 1.9.14

The latest version of Zaxaa Member is 1.9.14.


* Fix deprecated functions
* Replace old tutorial links
* PHP 7 compatible
* Initiate page protection earlier (to avoid conflict with some themes)
* Protected pages can be accessed by member only. Even administrator needs to login as a member. This is due to the fact that administrator often times want to simulate if their pages/posts are correctly protected or not.


This article shows you how to update your Zaxaa Member to the latest version.

1. Go to “Plugins > Installed Plugins”

2. Look for Zaxaa Member plugin and click “update now”

Note: if you don’t see updates available, you can click “check for updates”

New App Integration: Zaxaa cart integration with Drip

Another new app integration has been completed.  And it’s with Drip this time.

With this integration, you can directly integrate Drip with your Zaxaa account on your product settings.

Image 2018-07-25 at 4.22.20 PM

You can see the details of how you can integrate Zaxaa with Drip on this knowledge base article:

New App Integration: Zaxaa cart integration with ConvertKit

A new app integration has been added. Now Zaxaa cart has direct integration with ConvertKit.

You can easily set the integration directly from “Settings > External App Integration”. And choose whether you want to add your customers to your ConvertKit Form, Sequence, or Tag.

Image 2018-07-30 at 12.19.03 PM

You can see the details of how you can integrate Zaxaa with ConvertKit on this knowledge base article:

New App Integration: Zaxaa cart integration with ActiveCampaign

We are glad to announce that now Zaxaa cart has direct integration with ActiveCampaign.

With this new app integration, now you don’t need to use the form code and manually paste the code in your product settings as the integration can be set directly from “Settings > External App Integration”.

Image 2018-07-19 at 1.17.35 PM

You can see the details of how you can integrate Zaxaa with ActiveCampaign on this knowledge base article:

Zaxaa Zapier App Updates

As our Zaxaa Zapier App usage increases, we’re going to release the Zaxaa Zapier App as a public app. Hence we have to do necessary changes to comply Zapier policy.

These changes may require you to do necessary changes to your Zaxaa integration in your connected Zaps. But please do not worry as these are minor changes.

Here the changes you need to know:

  • Date time value will be given in standard ISO 8601 format. The old format was like this 2018-07-01 12:30, moving forward it will be given like this 2018-07-01T12:30+00:00. There are 3 variables using date time value which are transaction_time (in New Sale trigger), refunded_at (in New Refund trigger), canceled_at (in New Cancellation trigger).
  • Boolean variable will have “Yes”/”No” value instead of 1/0. Fortunately there is only one kind of this variable in Zaxaa Zapier App which is is_first_payment.

If you do use those variable then please make sure to do necessary changes so your integrations can still work properly. Otherwise, you may ignore this update.

Please click here to see details how you can use Zaxaa App in Zapier.

That’s all you need to know. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any further inquiries 🙂

Zapier Update: Added Shipping Information

Having shipping information is one of the requirement when you ship your products to your customers. Previously, our Zapier integration doesn’t have this variable to be passed and we know that would be a disadvantage for you. That is why we have updated our Zapier integration so now that it passed all shipping information that you need from your customers.

This can simply be done by two steps:

1. Create a Zapier integration – How To Use Zaxaa App In Zapier

2. Enable the “Ask Shipping Information” in your checkout page settings – Get custom info and shipping info from your customers

You will see this shipping information in your Zapier account:

Image 2018-06-22 at 8.52.39 AM

That’s it, let us know what you think :)

WishList Member Update: Existing ember password won’t be changed if they buy another product

On our previous integration with WishList member, existing member password will be changed if they buy another product from the seller. E.g customer A did the first time purchase of product X then changed their membership password. If they buy another product (product Y), then their password will be changed to the old one.

With this newest update, their password won’t be changed if they buy another product. Changelogs:

  • Wishlist member password won’t be changed if the member is the existing one. The email access will be still sent with password information set as “{Your password}” like this:


  • If the member is a new one, then the password will be created by Zaxaa and the password will be written in email access as before e.g.


Zaxaa Member v1.9.13

We’ve updated Zaxaa Member to be compatible with Thrive Architect. Previously there was a conflict.

GDPR New Features For Zaxaa

GDPR is such a boring topic isn’t it?

We thinks it’s mehhhhhhhhh 😩😩

And we’re sure you feel the same way.

But if you have leads and customers from the EU, nothing can’t be done about this boring stuff.

You need to make sure you’re GDPR-compliant.

GDPR deadline is May 25, 2018.

That said, we’ve introduced 4 new features to comply with GDPR:

2 features for Zaxaa cart

2 features for BEATSMail

Make sure you take the steps to implement them so that you become GDPR-compliant.

Have an amazing day as always!