BIG New Feature Multiplies Your Income: Pre-Sale Bump

We’re very very excited as today marks the release of another new BIG feature — the Pre-Sale Bump.

In a nutshell, this is what a Pre-Sale Bump is…

Right BEFORE people purchase your product, you have the opportunity to offer them your other products on the Checkout page. This will boost your income — even before they get to your OTOs (one-time-offers).

So not only can you increase your income with our unlimited, 1-click upsell OTOs, you can now even multiply it by using this Pre-Sale Bump feature in conjunction with OTOs!

This Is What A Pre-Sale Bump Looks Like

pre sale bump eg

Here’s How To Easily Set Up Pre-Sale Bump

Inside your product settings >> Pre-Sale Bump >> select “Yes”

pre sale bump

Then follow the on-screen easy instructions, and you’re all set.

Note: This feature is only available for Premium Automation users. If you’re not yet a Premium Automation user, you can upgrade/sign up your account here.

If you’re already a Premium Automation user, you can login to your products page here.

Thank you for choosing Zaxaa as your shopping cart platform as we continue to improve and become the BEST, EASIEST-to-use, FASTEST-to-set up, FULL-FEATURED shopping cart platform for digital products.

Please let us know what you think of this new feature? Hopefully you’re as excited as us!

8 thoughts on “BIG New Feature Multiplies Your Income: Pre-Sale Bump

    1. Welly Mulia Post author

      Hi Israel

      Currently Pre-Sale Bump is only available for Zaxaa-hosted checkout pages, but it will be available for checkout pages hosted on your site too, in the near future.

  1. Vic Dorfman

    Very cool feature addition, Welly!

    Most of the ‘2.0’, professional style checkouts have this kind of functionality and I’m glad to see Zaxaa keeping up with industry standards.

    I’ve been recommending Zaxaa more and more to clients.

    Keep up the awesome work!

    Vic Dorfman – Membership Site Expert

    1. Welly Mulia Post author

      Thanks Vic for the recommendation! We’ve also been recommending people to you for folks who want to use Zaxaa as their shopping cart but want everything handed to them on a silver platter (done for you services).

  2. Cass Tyson

    He says, “It would be great if you also accepted info products in Spanish in the marketplace, Welly, the Hispanic market is a growing market!”

    1. Welly Mulia Post author

      Hi Cass

      The marketplace is actually a bonus feature, not the main feature. Many sellers even chose not to list their products in the marketplace. We’re, after all, a shopping cart platform, not an affiliate network. The seller needs to use his time and efforts to recruit affiliates to promote his products, and not rely on us to do the recruiting.

      That said, since most of the users are from English-speaking countries, currently only English products/services are accepted in the marketplace.


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