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New Feature: Get Custom Info From Your Customers

Yes it’s time to announce the release of another new feature.

This time it’s the ability for you as the product seller to get any kind of information you want from your customer, on the Checkout page.

E.g. You can ask for their birthday, hobby, phone number, other personal info, etc.

The collected info will be available for your viewing on the Sales Report page >> go to the relevant transaction >> detail. You can also export this data in csv, excel, pdf, or print them on a white paper.

You can then use this data to get to know your customers better so that you can tailor more to their needs and wants — which of course will bring in more sales for you!

How To Get Custom Info From Your Customers

1. Make sure you’re in Advanced View (switch between Advanced and Simple View on the right tab on every Zaxaa page)

2. Go to your product settings >> [general settings] >> [ask custom info on checkout page] >> yes

custom info

Then simply the easy on-screen instructions and save your changes, and you’re good to go!

Let me know what you think about this new feature in a comment below…

New Feature: Your Customers Can Update Their Credit Cards & Subscriptions Directly Within Zaxaa

Yes! We’ve released 2 more new Seller features:

1. Customers can update their credit card from within Zaxaa to continue paying for your recurring/subscription offers

This is useful because when their credit card expires/about to expire, they can easily and quickly update their credit card and billing details so that they can continue to pay for your offers.

2. Customers can switch their subscriptions/plans from within Zaxaa

This is useful when you have multiple plans — e.g. Silver, Gold, Platinum and customers want to switch from one plan to another. All they need to do is simply login to their account and switch.

Note: These 2 features can only be used for transactions that take payments using Stripe or

How Customers Can Update Their Credit Card

Login to their customer portal here and they’ll see a screen like this:

update cc

Click the “VISA” icon and customers will be brought to a screen where they can easily update their credit card and billing details.

Note: The “VISA” icon is only available for recurring/subscription products since that’s what the purpose of updating the credit card is for — so that customers can continue paying for your subscription offers.

How Customers Can Switch Their Subscriptions/Plans

Login to their customer portal here and they’ll see a screen like this:

update subscription

Click the “arrow pointing upwards” icon as shown above and customers will be brought to a screen where they can easily switch/update their subscriptions/plans.

As always, we’re very excited to release these new features to you!

What do you think? Any comments or thoughts please leave them below.

New Feature: Wishlist Member Integration

We already have our very own WordPress membership plugin called Zaxaa Member.

However, we receive feedback that some of our users are already using Wishlist Member for their existing membership sites, and as such want to keep things simple and manageable by continuing to use their Wishlist-powered membership sites instead of installing a new membership script.

We listened, and we’re proud to announce that Zaxaa now integrates with Wishlist Member.

How To Integrate With Wishlist Member

From inside your product settings >> [general settings] >> [more settings] >> [Membership Integration] >> yes

wishlist member

From there, simply follow the on-screen instructions.

Note: We still recommend that you use Zaxaa Member if you’re starting a new membership site, as it is the official WordPress membership plugin from Zaxaa, developed by Zaxaa for Zaxaa.

What do you think about this new integration? Let us know in the comments below!

New Feature: Block Sales From Certain Countries

This new feature has been implemented based on the feedback from a number of users.

Whatever your reason is, you can now block sales from certain countries if you want.

One of the reasons might be because of the new EU VAT rules. Another reason could be you’re selling physical products and you only want to ship to your home country.

How To Block Sales From Certain Countries

From inside your product settings >> [general settings] >> [more settings] >> [Block Sales From Certain Country(ies)] >> yes

block sales

Under [Redirect URL] field >> simply enter the url you want to redirect people (who are blocked) to.

You can login to your Zaxaa account here.

If you don’t have one yet, you can sign up for an account here.

What do you think of this new feature? Please leave your thoughts below.

New Feature: Split Test Sales Page

For Premium Automation users — did you know that you can now use Zaxaa’s built-in split-testing feature to split-test your sales page?

So you create 2 or more versions of your sales page, and then direct traffic to them, and see which one is converting the most sales for you.

Once you’ve found the winner, create another split test with the objective of beating this winner. Repeat the process over and over again, and you’ll consistently improve your conversions — which basically means more money in your pocket 🙂

How To Create A Split Test

As usual, make sure you’re in [advanced] view (the right tab on every Zaxaa page).

Go inside your product settings >> [page settings] >> [sales page settings] >> [use split test] >> select [yes] and follow the easy on-screen instructions:

split test

You can add as many versions as you want (the above example shows 3 versions).

We also have an advanced feature to let you create a “set-n-forget” campaign (if you want):

split test2

At any time, you can check your split test stats by going to [reports] >> [product] >> [my split test stats].

Note: Again, this feature is only available for Premium Automation users.

Login to your account now to start creating your split test.

If you’re not a Premium Automation user yet, you can upgrade your account here.

If you don’t have a Zaxaa account yet, you can sign up here.

Happy Split Testing!

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below…

New Feature: VAT For EU Countries

Update January 7, 2015:

We received a number of feedback asking the ability to just block sales from the whole EU or a certain country or group of countries, and we’ve listened and implemented this suggestion. More about this here.

A few months ago we released the original VAT feature that allows sellers to charge VAT to their customers.

Now, we’ve improved upon this VAT feature to comply with the new EU rules for 2015 — which states that the seller will need to charge the VAT rate of the country the customer is in.

Thank you for your suggestions over in our Feature Requests section.

To enable this feature, simply edit your product settings > [general settings] > [use VAT] > [yes] > [apply to European countries] > [yes] > [save changes]


Click the [?] tooltip and you’ll see the various VAT rates:



When this post was initially published, we forgot to inform you that you can view the VAT information gathered from your customers like the country they’re in, the amount of VAT charged, as well as other detailed info related to the transaction, on your Sales Report page >> find the transaction >> details (the document icon)

sales report details

You can also export the data into excel, csv, or pdf by clicking one these icons at the top:

export icons

We hope you enjoy this new enhanced feature!

If you don’t already have a Zaxaa account, you can sign up for a FREE account here.

If you already have a Zaxaa account, you can login to your account here and instantly enable this feature.

New Feature: Set The Default Payment Method

It’s time for another new feature!

When activating more than 1 payment processor/gateway inside your product settings, you can now set which payment processor/gateway you want to be the default one.

E.g. For your Yoga Training Course, you take payments using Stripe and PayPal, and you want to set Stripe as the default payment method.

Inside your product settings, simply choose these 2 payment processors and set Stripe as the default:

set default payment processor

Remember to save your changes.

When customers go to the Checkout page, they’ll see this:

pay with options

This gives YOU more control to take payments using YOUR preferred payment processor/gateway, while at the same time allowing customers to pay using THEIR preferred way.

If you already have a Zaxaa account, login to your account to enjoy this new feature.

If you don’t have one yet, click here to create a free Zaxaa account.

Any questions, feel free to leave them in the comment box below!

New Feature: Manually Approve Every Single Affiliate

You can now manually approve each and every single affiliate before they can promote your products (if you want).

Some sellers run closed affiliate programs and only want those affiliates that they know personally to be able to promote. This is a great feature for them.

There are also other sellers who just want to approve affiliates who have a proven track record and don’t want to do anything with low quality affiliates sending junk traffic. This is a great feature for them too.

How Enable/Disable Manually Approve Affiliates

The default setting for “Manually Approve Affiliates” is “no” — meaning all affiliates are automatically approved for DELAYED commissions.

You can change this setting.

Simply go to the Affiliate Settings page (make sure you’re in “Advanced View” >> settings >> affiliate >> affiliate settings), scroll to where you see this:

manually approve affiliates

and select “Yes” if you want to manually approve every single one of your affiliates.

After this is done, every time someone wants to promote your product, you as the seller will get an email notification. You can then go to the Affiliate Requests page (reports >> affiliate requests) and approve/reject him.

We’d like to hear from you, please leave us a comment below…

New Feature: Product Partners Can See Stats

Today’s new feature is the ability for Product PARTNERS to see how well the product they’ve partnered with someone is doing.

Product Partners are people who are in partnership with a product vendor for a particular product.


You partner up with John for the Stamp Collecting product, on a 50-50 profit sharing basis. John is the one who sets up the product inside Zaxaa for sale (i.e. John is the seller). John adds you as a partner using our Partnership feature (inside your product settings >> general settings >> enable profit sharing [partnership]), like this:

partner setting

Note 1: You can set up more multiple Product Partners if you want, and you can also split the profits however you want, it doesn’t have to be 50-50

Note 2: All partners need to have Zaxaa accounts. They don’t need to be a paid user, free users will work, and they can sign up for a free account on this page. Simply choose the “Instant Automation” plan.

Previously, only the seller (John) can see how well the product is selling (i.e. product stats). Now, with this new feature, you as the PARTNER can also see everything John sees for this partnership product, as though you’re the seller.

No more “bothering/pestering” your partner for product stats. Now you know EXACTLY how your partnership product is doing.

Peace of mind. Yay!

How To See Product Stats (As Partners)

First, make sure you’re in “Advanced View”.

On the top right select >> Affiliate/Partner Mode >> Reports >> Partner >> choose a report you’d like to view


Login to your account now to enjoy this new feature.

If you don’t have an account yet, you can sign up for a free account on this page. Simply choose the “Instant Automation” plan.

Do you like this new feature? Please LIKE us below if you do, and do leave us a comment below telling us what you think…

BIG New Feature Multiplies Your Income: Pre-Sale Bump

We’re very very excited as today marks the release of another new BIG feature — the Pre-Sale Bump.

In a nutshell, this is what a Pre-Sale Bump is…

Right BEFORE people purchase your product, you have the opportunity to offer them your other products on the Checkout page. This will boost your income — even before they get to your OTOs (one-time-offers).

So not only can you increase your income with our unlimited, 1-click upsell OTOs, you can now even multiply it by using this Pre-Sale Bump feature in conjunction with OTOs!

This Is What A Pre-Sale Bump Looks Like

pre sale bump eg

Here’s How To Easily Set Up Pre-Sale Bump

Inside your product settings >> Pre-Sale Bump >> select “Yes”

pre sale bump

Then follow the on-screen easy instructions, and you’re all set.

Note: This feature is only available for Premium Automation users. If you’re not yet a Premium Automation user, you can upgrade/sign up your account here.

If you’re already a Premium Automation user, you can login to your products page here.

Thank you for choosing Zaxaa as your shopping cart platform as we continue to improve and become the BEST, EASIEST-to-use, FASTEST-to-set up, FULL-FEATURED shopping cart platform for digital products.

Please let us know what you think of this new feature? Hopefully you’re as excited as us!