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Commissions Waiting Time Halved!

We’ve just sped up the commissions payout for our Zaxaa Referral Program (need to login). Previously it’s a 60-day withholding period to cover for refunds. Now we’ve slashed that waiting time in half — which means it’s now only a 30-day withholding period.

E.g. June’s commissions would be paid out on the first week of August; July’s commissions would be paid out on the first week of September.

The reason of speeding the payout time is to get your commissions to your hands as soon as possible 🙂

Tell others about Zaxaa now and earn Lifetime Recurring Commissions! Get your Referral link and promo tools here (need to login).

A Great Way To Earn Lifetime Commissions

Would you like to promote Zaxaa and earn some nice lifetime commission?

Here’s a great way to do that.

Give away our Zaxaa Member WordPress membership plugin to your audience. All references to Zaxaa within Zaxaa Member is already embedded with your referral link.

Zaxaa Member only works with Zaxaa. Hence when your audience download and use Zaxaa Member, they’d have to create a Zaxaa account, which they’ll do by clicking your referral link that’s embedded within Zaxaa Member.

Most likely they’ll first create an Instant Automation account (no upfront payment required), and they’ll play around with Zaxaa and Zaxaa Member.

Once they see how EASY and FAST they can set up products and sales funnels, they’ll be hooked!

So they’ll start selling products and pay Zaxaa per-transaction fees, and you’ll get commissions from us.

And when they sell large volumes, they’ll upgrade to Premium Automation and pay Zaxaa monthly/yearly fees to save serious money. And when they do, you’ll also get commissions in the form of monthly/yearly commissions.

And since this is a shopping cart platform and not your normal info-product membership site, people are going to stay and become a member for YEARS.

This translates to more recurring commissions for you!

Whenever they pay Zaxaa fees (either transaction fees or monthly/yearly fees), you get commissions!

How To Get Your Zaxaa Member That’s Branded With Your Referral Link:

1. Go here (Reports >> Zaxaa Referral Commissions)

2. Make sure your Zaxaa Referral Link is already activated

3. Scroll down to where it says: Promotion Tools >> Zaxaa Member >> Download Zaxaa Member


So go send out a broadcast to your list and add an email to your email sequence about this. We even provide you with swipe copies (see image above) so you can simply copy and paste.

We look forward to sending you lifetime commissions!