New Feature: Custom Discount Coupon Codes

Whenever we run a time-sensitive discount offer, sales spike. Especially on the last day, when sales skyrocket!

Why does this work so well?

Because people are afraid they’d miss out on good things, on good offers. They don’t want to lose out. The fear of losing out is greater than the pleasure of attaining something.

So if you want to quickly explode your sales in a short period of time, run a LIMITED discount for your product by using LIMITED coupons.

The coupon feature has always been available inside your Zaxaa account, but today we took it a step further.

We’ve just released the ability for you (product sellers) to create CUSTOM discount coupon codes.

So instead of creating boring and ugly coupon codes like these:
9ruebfn ei272

You can now create interesting and memorable coupon codes like these:

By the way, in case you don’t know — with Zaxaa, you can also create TIME-sensitive or QUANTITY-sensitive discounts.


Time-sensitive discount – 50% discount only valid for 3 days from Monday – Wednesday
Quantity-sensitive discount – 50% discount only valid for the first 20 buyers

With Zaxaa, it’s easy peasy to set up any kind of discount you can think of.

Here’s how to set up your discount coupons:

Inside your Zaxaa account, make sure you’re in Advanced View (see the floating right tab on every Zaxaa page) >> products >> coupons


We’d love to hear what you think. Do let us know in the comments below…

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