New Feature: Free Product For More Sales

Based on popular user requests, we’ve recently released the “Free Product” new feature (available to Premium & Ultimate Automation users).

You can now create a free product inside Zaxaa and connect this Free Product to your Front End, and from Front End connect to your One Time Offers.

So it goes like this:

Free Product -> Front End -> One Time Offers

Difference Between This “Free Product” New Feature VS Freebie You Give Away On Your Lead Capture Page

With our Free Product feature, you can create a members area using our official membership plugin Zaxaa Member that we provide you at no additional charge, Wishlist Member, or any other membership software that integrates with Zaxaa.

Inside the members area, you can provide both free content as well as paid content.

When people sign up for your Free Product, you give them access to your free content, but as a smart marketer you also sprinkle upgrade links to your paid products inside/around the free content to whet their appetite. This servers as a teaser and soft upsell to your other offers.

How To Set Up A Free Product

This video below shows you how to set up a Free Product:

Please note that:

All traffic (whether affiliate traffic or not) that goes to your Front End product (that has “Free Product” attached/enabled) will be directed to the Free Product URL (which is typically your Lead Capture Page URL).

For your affiliates, everything remains the same. The way they request to promote your Front End, and their existing affiliate links all remain the same.


Now go and set up a Free Product to get more leads.

What do you think of this new feature?

Let me know your thoughts in a comment below. I read each and every one of them.

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