New Feature: Manually Approve Every Single Affiliate

You can now manually approve each and every single affiliate before they can promote your products (if you want).

Some sellers run closed affiliate programs and only want those affiliates that they know personally to be able to promote. This is a great feature for them.

There are also other sellers who just want to approve affiliates who have a proven track record and don’t want to do anything with low quality affiliates sending junk traffic. This is a great feature for them too.

How Enable/Disable Manually Approve Affiliates

The default setting for “Manually Approve Affiliates” is “no” — meaning all affiliates are automatically approved for DELAYED commissions.

You can change this setting.

Simply go to the Affiliate Settings page (make sure you’re in “Advanced View” >> settings >> affiliate >> affiliate settings), scroll to where you see this:

manually approve affiliates

and select “Yes” if you want to manually approve every single one of your affiliates.

After this is done, every time someone wants to promote your product, you as the seller will get an email notification. You can then go to the Affiliate Requests page (reports >> affiliate requests) and approve/reject him.

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