New Feature: Multiple Currencies

We listened to your requests and have implemented the addition of multiple currencies!

In addition to selling in US Dollars, you can now sell in Pound Sterling, Euro, Canadian Dollars, and Australian Dollars.

When setting up your product, go to the “Payment” section and you’ll see this:


Simply choose the desired currency.

Go login to your Zaxaa account and set up your product in your desired currency. If you don’t have an account yet, click here to sign up for a FREE account.

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4 thoughts on “New Feature: Multiple Currencies

  1. Adrian

    Thanks for implementing this as it was something I asked for. I have a question though – how do I change the currency on an existing product? I don’t really want to have to re-create all my products in Zaxaa just so that I can change the currency.

    1. Welly Mulia Post author

      Hi Adrian

      You can’t change the currency for a product that’s already been published. Reason is that all the reports (sales, funnel stats, product stats, etc) would be messed up.

      You’d have to create a new product. Use the “duplicate” feature to quickly duplicate an existing product, then change the currency before publishing it.

  2. Luke Pham

    This is good information for seller. I’m affiliater and I have a question: If seller sell in AUD, how can I receive my commission when my paypal account use USD?


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