New Feature: Product Partners Can See Stats

Today’s new feature is the ability for Product PARTNERS to see how well the product they’ve partnered with someone is doing.

Product Partners are people who are in partnership with a product vendor for a particular product.


You partner up with John for the Stamp Collecting product, on a 50-50 profit sharing basis. John is the one who sets up the product inside Zaxaa for sale (i.e. John is the seller). John adds you as a partner using our Partnership feature (inside your product settings >> general settings >> enable profit sharing [partnership]), like this:

partner setting

Note 1: You can set up more multiple Product Partners if you want, and you can also split the profits however you want, it doesn’t have to be 50-50

Note 2: All partners need to have Zaxaa accounts. They don’t need to be a paid user, free users will work, and they can sign up for a free account on this page. Simply choose the “Instant Automation” plan.

Previously, only the seller (John) can see how well the product is selling (i.e. product stats). Now, with this new feature, you as the PARTNER can also see everything John sees for this partnership product, as though you’re the seller.

No more “bothering/pestering” your partner for product stats. Now you know EXACTLY how your partnership product is doing.

Peace of mind. Yay!

How To See Product Stats (As Partners)

First, make sure you’re in “Advanced View”.

On the top right select >> Affiliate/Partner Mode >> Reports >> Partner >> choose a report you’d like to view


Login to your account now to enjoy this new feature.

If you don’t have an account yet, you can sign up for a free account on this page. Simply choose the “Instant Automation” plan.

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