New Feature: Purchase Requirements

Hey Folks!

Another new feature has just been released:

The “Purchase Requirements” feature.

With this, you can disallow people to purchase product Y if they have not purchased product X yet.

How is this useful, you ask?

Well, suppose you’re selling software that includes Single Site License or Multi Site License. John purchased the Single Site License. A few days later he decides he want the Multi Site License instead.

So he contacted support ->

Support checked if he has already purchased Single Site License, turned out yes, so support asked him to manually send the “upgrade” money via PayPal ->

John updated support that he has sent the money ->

Support manually set up his Multi Site account.

Isn’t this somewhat a back-and-forth process? What if there are 20 other people wanting to upgrade to a Multi Site License? Huge time wasted!

Now with this “Purchase Requirements” feature, the process can be automated.

You simply need to create a “Single to Multi License Upgrade” product, and then use this feature and set it up so that people can only purchase this “upgrade” product if they have already bought the Single Site License. If there were no checking in place, people could rip you off by simply purchasing this “upgrade product” (which costs cheaper than the Multi Site License) without purchasing the Single Site License first.

To enable this feature, you must be in Advanced View. Then simply go and edit the product in question >> General Settings >> Enable Purchase Requirements >> Yes

Go login to your Zaxaa account and start playing around. If you don’t have an account yet, click here to sign up for a FREE account.

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2 thoughts on “New Feature: Purchase Requirements

  1. Tatyana Doyna

    I find it a very useful update, because it protects the products we sell and also saves our time. I like anything that has to do with online business automation. Thanks for the news.


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