New Feature: Real / Fake OTO

The one-time-offers (OTOs) you set up in Zaxaa have always been REAL OTOs — meaning they can only be purchased in the middle of a sales funnel (RIGHT AFTER your customer has purchased your Front End product).

If the customer declines your OTO, and come back later after he has completed the sales funnel (e.g. he might have bookmarked your OTO page), the order URL won’t work.


As always, we listened to what you want.

Based on requests from quite a number of users, now you can also use FAKE OTOs. This means once your customer has passed your OTO, he can still purchase it anytime he wishes to. There is no sales funnel constraint. He can come back later to your OTO page and click the order URL and it will work.

When you add/edit your OTOs (in Advanced View), you will see this:


Simply choose what kind of OTOs you want to use — Real or Fake.

Go login to your Zaxaa account and start creating your OTOs. If you don’t have an account yet, click here to sign up for a free account.

From what we understand, we’re the ONLY platform that can do Real OTOs πŸ™‚

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8 thoughts on “New Feature: Real / Fake OTO

  1. Istvan

    There were small scripts for doing a real OTO. I am using one for many years…

    Actually, I consider sellers with fake OTOs to be the lying crowd in IM. Sorry.

    Will have to check it out but a really good OTO script/solution the second time can take the visitor to the full price sales page πŸ™‚

    1. Welly Mulia Post author

      Agreed Istvan! We also encourage sellers/vendors to use Real OTOs — hey we’ve always been using Real OTOs ourselves. With Zaxaa, you don’t need to purchase additional scripts and do any kind of integration. It’s all built right in πŸ™‚

      But ah ha! I suddenly got an idea when you said:

      but a really good OTO script/solution the second time can take the visitor to the full price sales page

      Nice idea. Thanks because we’ll be implementing this πŸ™‚

      1. Joe Mudd

        I agree Welly, that’s a good idea. Since you’re thinking about adding to the feature list anyway, here’s my wish list:

        OTO Should be just what it says, a ONE TIME offer.

        Limited Time Offer (LTO) Many times I’ve felt the need to see the original product BEFORE I decide if I want the offered upgrade. Would like to see a LTO that would give the customer a chance to try out the original product first, then could take the special offer, but it would expire after a certain amount of time, like 30 days or so.

        Customer Only Special Offer (COSO) This would be your Fake OTO. An offer that is only available to someone that has purchased from you, but the offer is always available to them. Don’t call it a fake OTO, that just sounds wrong.

        Keep up the great work Welly.

    2. Russell Hall

      IMHO without doubt having the option to either force a real OTO or to make it an open and continuing special offer is a powerful option.
      I agree that if you’re going to call or refer to your special offer as a “OTO” then you should keep it as a strict OTO otherwise as a marketer you lose credibility and its like manipulating the customer which they don’t like and yes it is dishonest but if the “OTO” is not presented as an OTO and simply referred to as a special offer then that’s being completely fair and transparent with the customer by letting them know up front that the special offer is tied to the original purchase and the option for the special offer to be acted upon exists within a certain period of time (perhaps a few days or within a monthly campaign.
      I think technically the feature is great,.. perhaps the name of it conjures up some ill feeling amongst some marketers and consumers which in view of past OTO abuses is quite understandable.

  2. Ming Jong Tey

    Hey Welly,

    Thanks for the option for Fake/Real OTO. To be honest, I haven’t come across a real OTO for all the products bought before.

    When I setup my funnel, I thought it was a glitch when I tested to buy the OTO out of the funnel.

    Look forward to seeing the tweak of the OTO you mentioned above.


    1. Welly Mulia Post author

      Hey Ming,

      Nope it was not a glitch. That’s how it was supposed to work previously πŸ™‚


  3. Terry Jett

    Outstanding! Not a feature I would use all the time but very nice to have the option of allowing OTO purchases at a later date without my interaction.

    Been using Zaxaa since beta and very glad to have found this outstanding platform. Only wish the beta users were allowed full access though.

    Got mad SO many times at “that other platform” for marketing to my hard earned lists and it is refreshing that Zaxaa does not stoop that low.


    1. Welly Mulia Post author

      Hey Terry

      Beta users were allowed full access to the platform.

      Yep, can’t tolerate a platform having hidden agenda stealing your customer list. Hence, here in Zaxaa that will never happen, ever!



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