New Feature: Split Test Sales Page

For Premium Automation users — did you know that you can now use Zaxaa’s built-in split-testing feature to split-test your sales page?

So you create 2 or more versions of your sales page, and then direct traffic to them, and see which one is converting the most sales for you.

Once you’ve found the winner, create another split test with the objective of beating this winner. Repeat the process over and over again, and you’ll consistently improve your conversions — which basically means more money in your pocket 🙂

How To Create A Split Test

As usual, make sure you’re in [advanced] view (the right tab on every Zaxaa page).

Go inside your product settings >> [page settings] >> [sales page settings] >> [use split test] >> select [yes] and follow the easy on-screen instructions:

split test

You can add as many versions as you want (the above example shows 3 versions).

We also have an advanced feature to let you create a “set-n-forget” campaign (if you want):

split test2

At any time, you can check your split test stats by going to [reports] >> [product] >> [my split test stats].

Note: Again, this feature is only available for Premium Automation users.

Login to your account now to start creating your split test.

If you’re not a Premium Automation user yet, you can upgrade your account here.

If you don’t have a Zaxaa account yet, you can sign up here.

Happy Split Testing!

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