New Feature: Strict OTO

An OTO (one time offer) should be just that — a real one time offer that you can only get it when presented with the offer.

If you use fake OTOs, and later on people discover you’re lying — meaning you say it’s a specially-discounted OTO when in fact it’s a forever offer that people can just purchase anytime they want — you will lose trust with your audience, which will in turn have a negative effect on your sales.

Now, the OTOs you set up inside Zaxaa has always been a REAL OTO — if people pass the offer, they can’t go back later on and expect the offer to still be available.

A few days ago we’ve released another add-on cool feature called “Strict OTO“.

[box]Strict OTO means once people have said yes or no to your OTO, they CAN’T go back and change their decision anymore.


E.g. You have two OTOs in your funnel. John says yes to OTO1 => he is presented with OTO2 => he feels this is a better offer => he clicks back on his browser and clicks no to OTO1. This won’t work and will produce an error.


If Strict OTO is set to “No”, people CAN change their decision (say yes/no to your OTOs) freely AS LONG AS they have not completed your OTOs funnel.[/box]

You can enable/disable Strict OTO inside your product’s settings

>> One Time Offer (OTO)

>> Use Strict OTO.

The default setting is disabled, as can be seen below:


This new feature is just one more way we want to make Zaxaa as flexible as possible for you, the product Seller. Simply enable/disable this feature to suit your needs.

Now go create your first product if you haven’t.

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