New Feature: Void/Unvoid affiliate commissions

Today, we’ve released another new feature where you can void/unvoid affiliate commissions.

In your Sales Report Detail (Reports >> My Sales Report >> choose one of your transactions >> Details), you will see something like this:


You can see what this new feature is about by clicking here.

Together, we’ll make Zaxaa the world’s easiest online selling automation platform!

2 thoughts on “New Feature: Void/Unvoid affiliate commissions

  1. Ken Kulmane

    I notice that when I surf zaxaa that the pages load very slooooowly.It may be on my end not sure.Has any one else noticed this?

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi Ken,

      Which pages are you referring to? Sometimes some of the query(stats) pages might be slow because we’re still doing some testing and tweaking. Other than that, other pages loading times are fine on our end.


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