New Feature: Zaxaa Member — Our Very Own WordPress Plugin

What an exciting day!

Today marks the release of our Zaxaa Member WordPress membership site plugin. With Zaxaa Member, you can create membership sites to protect your members area, pages, content, files, and drip-feed them however you want.

Zaxaa Member is provided free of charge to Zaxaa users — both Instant and Premium Automation. You can download Zaxaa Member WordPress plugin here (inside your Zaxaa account >> Settings >> Zaxaa Member)

No need to buy additional 3rd party membership software and scripts.

Enjoy and click the Like button below if you think this is cool!

What say you?



6 thoughts on “New Feature: Zaxaa Member — Our Very Own WordPress Plugin

  1. Terry

    What a great day to start a membership site!

    Been waiting on this for long time. Now I can start using Zazaa for my future membership sites.

    As a long time supporter of Zaxaa, have preached to others about using in posts like Are They Stealing Your Lists

    Thanks for your hard work!


    1. Welly Mulia Post author

      Hi Robb

      Zaxaa is much, much more robust than Gumroad. Although I’ve never tried it, judging from their site, you can only sell 1 product at a time. You can’t create sales funnels, you can’t recruit affiliates and jv partners. And I’m pretty sure their reporting details is not as detailed and deep as ours.

      Taken directly from their site:
      Gumroad is for independent writers, designers, game developers, musicians, artists, filmmakers

      Zaxaa is more for info and software creators/publishers, though you can certainly sell music and games too.

      Welly Mulia

  2. Enstine Muki

    I’ve got this plugin running on my blog for demo and it’s cool. I’ll finally adopt it for my product on Clickbank – moving from Clickbank to Zaxaa 😉


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