Various Reporting Improvements

Just want to give a quick update about some of the new Reporting improvements we’ve made to the platform.

First is the “My Affiliate Stats” page:


This page is very useful when you want to have a “helicopter view” on your affiliates’ performance. How they’re doing in terms of sales, conversions, EPCs, unique visitors they send — for ANY given period of time.

This also allows you to pinpoint which affiliates are sending you the most sales and high quality visitors and which ones are sending junk traffic. You can then take the appropriate action and reward the good ones and ban the bad ones.

To access “My Affiliate Stats” page:

(inside your Zaxaa account >> make sure you’re in Advanced View >> reports >> affiliate/partner >> my affiliate stats)

Next, we’ve moved your Product Stats to a dedicated page:


where you can see your Products Stats for ANY given period of time.

And we’ve also included a new metric — “# First Payments“, which means…

If the sale is for a subscription/recurring product, only the FIRST payment is shown here.

E.g. There are 10 sales, but all of them come from 1 (one) subscription. In this case the # of First Payments is 1.

This metric gives Sellers a more detailed (and accurate) representation of the number of sales they get — how many are NEW sales and how many are RECURRING payments.

To access “My Product Stats” page:

(inside your Zaxaa account >> make sure you’re in Advanced View >> reports >>my product stats)


We have many more things in the pipeline as we continue to make Zaxaa better and better each and every day! Thank you for your continued support!

If you already have a Zaxaa account, login to your account here.

If you don’t have a Zaxaa account yet, you can sign up here.

Let us know what you think by leaving your thoughts below…


2 thoughts on “Various Reporting Improvements

  1. Dimarcus Jackson

    Great ! I see you guys are really on top of things.. Look forward to see more future inprovements with the zaxaa platform. Keep up the good work!


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