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Out of the many robust features Zaxaa offers, there’s a feature called “Intelligent Cross Platform Selling”, which basically means…

You can sell the same product and tap into affiliates from all 3 of these networks:

PLUS, you also get access to the fast growing affiliate network at Zaxaa and save tens of thousands of dollars in processing fees (since we have the lowest fees in the industry)!

NO NEED to copy your sales pages to different directories like /clickbank, /digiresults, etc.

With Zaxaa’s Intelligent Cross-Platform Selling, you simply need to put a Zaxaa button on your 1 (one) sales page (typically your homepage), and Zaxaa’s smart technology will recognize the source of traffic.

If the traffic is from Clickbank (for example a Clickbank affiliate promoting your product), they will checkout via Clickbank (even though they click a Zaxaa button). If the traffic is from Digiresults, they will checkout via Digiresults, etc.

This guarantees that the referring affiliate/JV will always be credited.

If the traffic does NOT have affiliate referral involved, they will checkout via Zaxaa.

Pay attention to that last sentence – since Zaxaa has the lowest fees in the industry at 2.5% per transaction ($0.25 minimum), this means you’ll save a lot of money.  As a comparison, Clickbank costs 7.5% + $1 per transaction, and Digiresults costs 7.5% + $0.50 per transaction.

What To Do Now…

Tap into 3 affiliate/JV networks without upsetting your affiliates/JVs, while at the same time saving tens of thousands of dollars in processing fees.

Click here to sign up for a FREE Zaxaa account.

Then use our “Intelligent Cross Platform Selling” feature when you set up your product(s), like this (make sure you follow the easy set-up instructions here):


You don’t pay anything until you’ve made sales. So it’s totally risk free.

Click here now to sign up for a FREE Zaxaa account

Remember, after you’ve created your account,  follow the easy set-up instructions here.



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