Zaxaa Premium Automation Now Available!

The first line of Zaxaa code was written in September 2011.

11 months later, in August 2012, Zaxaa was first unveiled to the world — the beta version was released.

9 months later, in May 2013, Zaxaa got out of beta.

As we write this, Zaxaa has been in existence for 2 years and 3 months.

The purpose of telling you this is to let you know Zaxaa is NOT a side project that was developed by a few outsourced workers.

Zaxaa is a long-term project, developed and maintained by a real company with full-time employees that show up to the office every day to work on and improve the platform.

And now Zaxaa has just reached a new milestone!

We’re very excited to announce the release of Zaxaa Premium Automation where you now have more payment processing options, plus a bunch of other cool features.

This includes 2Checkout, Paypal Standard, and the biggie

We’re proud of our integration with because it is one of the payment gateways most used by merchant accounts.

This means most VISA/Mastercard/Discover/AMEX merchant accounts can be used with Zaxaa.

Prior to this, you could only take payments via PayPal.

Sellers/Vendors have been telling us they want to have more control and more options to take payments…

Which is why Premium Automation is born.

In addition to more payment processing options and other features, Premium Automation is A LOT cheaper when your business generates a ton of sales revenue. You’ll save thousands upon thousands of dollars.


See for yourself here.

Currently Zaxaa Premium Automation pricing is VERY AFFORDABLE because this is the “founding members” price. This price won’t stay forever though, which is why we recommend you to act fast and secure it at this lowest price.

Once you’re in the “founding members” price, you’re locked in this lowest price forever:

Click here now to get Premium Automation.

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